Dr. Sulaiman

Consultant, General Surgery



Sheffield University MBChB in 2002

Year Hired

Consultant, General Surgery

For Dr Sulaiman Bin Yusof, coming to Singapore to work was a natural choice as the country, commonly known as the little red dot, was no foreign land to him. Dr Sulaiman is a Malaysian and had studied in a Singapore Secondary School when he was much younger. When he decided to relocate to Singapore and was posted to Changi General Hospital, he found CGH to be just the kind of hospital he likes to work in.

The pace of work is just right

When I started working at CGH, I had a culture shock as the pace of work was much slower back in the UK. However, the culture shock was not for long as I had great colleagues and seniors who were patient and taught me the ropes. Very soon, I was able to adapt to the faster pace of work which I found to be very rewarding. I learnt a lot more things on the job compared to my work in UK! I am definitely growing professionally.

Everyone is like family

When I was preparing for exams for my exits recently, I was grateful that the seniors would take time to help me with my revisions by explaining and giving me with impromptu tutorials and viva sessions out of their own time. There is general camaraderie amongst colleagues and the seniors do not have any airs. This feeling of treating one another like a family member makes me feel really at home, affirming my decision to move to Singapore and join CGH

There is time to work and time to play

Being in surgery is always hard work but at CGH, I know there will always be time for fun and laughter if I need to unwind. My colleagues in the surgical department make working life fun. When we have time or lighter days, we will make the best of it such as heading out for lunches or perhaps even order lunch in.

Generally everyone in the department is closely knitted. We have regular departmental gatherings like appreciation dinners for our junior staff before change over and we even have a running club!

His one interesting experience

When I first came to CGH, I was always in office attire. I realize then that a lot of the doctors like to wear sneakers as we tend to walk a lot! So eventually I was converted. I thought it made more sense too since these shoes offer more comfort after all!