Rewards & Benefits


We strongly believe that the overall well-being of our staff is as important as the Hospital’s achievements. We ensure they enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career by providing a competitive and comprehensive package that rewards them for their performances.

Our Wage & Salary Plan comprises the following components:

  • A competitive monthly Total Base Salary
  • An Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) of 1 month’s Total Base Salary
  • An annual performance based Salary Increment
  • An annual Performance Bonus

For clinicians, compensation package also include applicable

  • Night Duty Allowance and Meal Subsidy for clinicians on residential night duties in the hospital
  • Shift Allowance for clinicians on 3 rotating shifts

Global Relocation Assistance

To assist our international employees with the cost of settling down in Singapore, we provide the following:

  • Air fare reimbursement for employee and eligible family members
  • One‐time settling‐in allowance
  • Subsidy for cost of transportation of unaccompanied personal baggage
  • Monthly housing allowance

Other Support initiatives

Other support initiatives include flexible work arrangement to enable our staff to take on a working schedule that can best balance work and family commitments.

Our suite of benefits and support programmes include:

Leave Benefits

  • Annual Leave
  • Family Care Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Conference Leave
  • Examination Leave for hospital‐approved courses
  • Medical Leave
  • Marriage Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Compassionate Leave

Flexible Benefits Scheme

CGH offers a comprehensive flexible benefits program (FBP) whereby staff and their eligible family members will be able to utilise their entitlements for benefits ranging from Healthcare, Personal Growth & Development, Rest & Recreation and Wellness.

Family Support Programme

We have in place various convenience services to help our staff manage their family priorities and personal needs. This include monthly bazaar sales, weekly fruits and vegetable sales and an on-site Child Care Centre with emergency child care services.

The hospital also holds regular lunch time talks on family-related issues and organize enrichment programmes for our staff’s children during the school holidays.

Health & Wellness Programmes

We have designed various programmes to help staff make healthier lifestyle choices and improve their quality of life.

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